Here we outline an ontology of digitally mediated spaces, appropriate for engaging with practical challenges of digital infrastructuring and provisoning tool-commons - that is, the toolstacks for the back-office (operational members) and for the user members.

# Platform spaces **Commons of running code**. For example @ Big Blue Button or Discourse: free-libre open-source (FLOSS) software code, running on a family of servers on various continents, and in users' web browsers, on their own diverse devices, across the web. The commons extends all the way from the code repos to the local workspace of the user's web browser. Platform space

# Media spaces Commons of digital media (**text, video, audio, etc**) - for example, posts in a Forum (running on Discourse)?, a handbook (running on Federated wiki, Obsidian, etc) or videos running of PeerTube. Media space

# Venue spaces Commons of **labour power** - that is, live contribution and hands-on capability. For example, in, `commons.hour`, the sociocratic Circles where operational members organise their operational contributions, the General Assembly. Venue space

<center><img width="100%" height="100%" src=""><br> Provisioning three kinds of commons - Platform space, media space, venue space</center>

# Spaces of exchange 'Money' is not always involved, but a basic necessity for handling the political economy of digital infrastructure. > Commons of digital means of exchange - currencies, mutual ceridt, etc To be added xxx